Check These Fall Maintenance Items Off Your To-Do List

Now that summer is gone and fall is here, it’s time to start your autumn to-do list. Here are some great fall projects:

Plant Beautiful Fall Blooms
Late summer and early autumn are perfect times to plant late blooming flowers. Whether you accent your front porch with hanging baskets or line your front walkway with colorful blooms, you can enjoy gardening well into the fall season.

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting
Autumn means longer nights and shorter days and is an ideal time for a lighting upgrade. If you have been meaning to add a spotlight above the front door, or if you long for a stone pathway lined with low-maintenance solar lights, fall is the perfect time to complete these projects.

Touch Up Your Exterior Paint
You do not have to repaint your home’s exterior to give your property the protection it needs. Just check for peeling and chipping paint and do your own small touch-ups. A few timely touch-ups now will protect your home and extend the life of the original paint job.

Clean Out Your Gutters
Debris can collect in gutters, which keeps rainwater from drain- ing properly. Once the water backs up, it can run onto the roof and down the siding, causing damage to the home. Clearing the gutters and redirecting water downspout extensions so water drains at least three to four feet away from the foundation can keep these things from happening. If you don’t feel comfortable on a tall ladder, you can hire a professional to clean and check the gutters.

Turn Your Ceiling Fans to Run Clockwise
In the summer, your ceiling fans are such a wonderful way to help keep your home cool. But did you know ceiling fans are also a great way to enjoy warmer air when the days get cooler? Run- ning your ceiling fans clockwise creates an updraft while simultaneously pushing down warm air from the ceiling.

Swap Out Your Furnace Filter
Fall is the perfect time to give your heating system a tune-up, and changing out the filters is a good place to start. You may also want to schedule a professional inspection and cleaning to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency all season long.

Clues in the Attic: Fall Roof Checkups Made Easy

“Roofs actually create an insulated barrier that helps trap heat inside, and most attic spaces are located right below them,” says Jason Joplin, program manager of the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, “That makes them perfect for spotting potential problem areas and damage without worrying about falling off a ladder.”

Here’s What to Look for While up in the Attic:

• Water Leaks: After a rainstorm, shine a flashlight into the attic to check not only for dripping water and condensation but also for water stains on the ceiling, walls, and floors. All signal that H2O is finding its way beneath your roof’s shingles or behind its flashings.

• Ventilation: “Think of the attic as the lungs of the house,” advises Joplin. “It has to be able to breathe in order to function properly.” Which is to say, vents stuffed with debris need to be cleared.

• Animal Damage: Call a pest-control pro if you spot any of these telltale signs: nests, droppings, and gnawed wood, wires, or insulations.

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